This article deals with the compatibility of the tenth sign in the zodiac, Capricorn with the other signs in the zodiac. The compatibility of a sun sign with the other signs in the zodiac cannot be established jus by considering the signs. The compatibility factor goes beyond it. We need to know the complete house chart and the position of various deciding planets of the two persons concerned in order two establish a complete compatibility.

This compatibility based on sun-signs is based on just the characteristic traits of the persons belonging to that sign and to the best incomplete. This does not give an accurate description. It is widely known that any two signs belonging to the same elements are fairly compatible. The four elements are fire, air, earth and water. In other words a fire sign is compatible with another fire sign.

Moreover a fire is also compatible with air while earth and water are compatible with each other. Capricorn being an earth sign is hence most compatible with other earth signs. The other earth signs are Taurus and Virgo. Hence Capricorn compatibility is highest with Taurus and Virgo among the other signs in the zodiac. Capricorn compatibility with Taurus:

Taurus being very serene it is natural for the compatibility to be good. Both of them being earth signs are associated with practicality and stability. So any problems that spring up in the relationship will be tackled with a practical approach. Both the signs place an emphasis on security related to financial matters. So there is no doubt about this being a prosperous union. Capricorn is ambitious and this is well complimented by the purposeful Taurus. The sexual aspect of the relationship will also be great and the couple will not face any impediment in experimenting. Overall this is a match made in heaven. Capricorn compatibility with Virgo:

This match is also a perfect one, since Virgo is an earth sign. However, we would not tell that this is as dynamic as Capricorn-Taurus compatibility. These signs get on well with each other and small problems that appear in the relationship do not worry them. Both these signs are conservative in their views and tastes. This helps them to bond very well and moreover they are very dependable. In times of crisis either of the sign can approach the other. The only area in which the two signs do not agree is sex. There might arise some misunderstandings in this area; however this can be overcome with slightest of effort.

Apart from this it is also found that the earth sign is slightly compatible with water signs. This is because an earth sign desperately feels that a relationship with a water sign will nourish them and put them in a better footing emotionally, while a water sign expects the security that an earth sign can provide. Apart from Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn is also compatible with Pisces and Scorpio. The main reason why it is so compatible with Scorpio is because both the signs are strong willed, and the reason for good union with Pisces is because both the signs supplement each other emotionally.

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