The Chinese animal signs popularly known as the Chinese zodiac are a twelve year cycle which is based on the lunar cycle of sixty years. The Chinese zodiac horoscope believes that the horoscopes have been developed around twelve different animal types each representing a particular trait of own. These Chinese zodiac horoscopes are similar to the monthly horoscopes of west such as Aries, Taurus etc only here these animal signs are yearly based. Every year is allotted a name of the animal which follows a particular order which goes like Tiger, Rat, Dragon, Ox, Snake, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Dog, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar. Hence, every 12 years the same animal sign reappears and forms a 60-year lunar cycle. The Chinese zodiac horoscopes state that a person born under particular sign has traits of that particular animal sign instilled in them and it’s visible and prominent in their nature.

These Chinese zodiac horoscopes are a way of calculating a person’s age too in olden times people use to ask a person what is their animal age and just by adding up the cycle of twelve year and with little use of wit they could figure out the actual age of the respective being without causing any trouble. These Chinese zodiac horoscopes are based on a legend which has a lot of importance in the history of Chinese astrology and is considered an important part of these horoscopes.

The Chinese zodiac horoscope’s legend is that twelve animals were having a quarrel as who was the head of the twelve year cycle. The Chinese gods were approached by them to decide for them who is most important to which Chinese Gods thought of sorting out by keeping a contest. The contest was to reach the opposite of the river at the earliest and the first one to reach would be consider being the head of the cycle. And similarly the animals who would reach on the bank would take the place of those years as follows according to their finish. All the twelve animals started with the race. The rat had jumped on the back of the ox and ox had no knowledge about the rat being on him and when the ox was near the shore the rat jumped on the shore before ox so rat received the first place and ox came in second. Pig took the longest time and came twelfth in place. These Chinese zodiac horoscopes are made in a chart form and keep on repeating in a particular way after every twelve years the name of the animals starts to repeat again in the same order. The Rat – is first animal in the Chinese zodiac horoscopes cycle. Rats are known to be ambitious, aggressive, and suspicious, they are power-hungry but honest, generous, short tempered and spendthrifts. The Ox – are an icon of powerful individuals who are unyielding and stubborn, can be conservative personalities. They are motivators, leaders, easy – going etc. The Tigers – they are born fighters, aggressive, unpredictable, charmer, courageous and have great compassion for love. The Rabbit – they are talented, always obliging, affectionate and always pleasant to others. They value security and tranquility. The Dragons are an intelligent bunch. They are gifted, dominant, loud, gaudy, and disloyal. but also popular and successful, enthusiasm and full of vitality. The Snake – they can be clever, extreme, determined, romantic, passionate, rich in knowledge and charm, but are known to be vain. The Horse – they are hardworking, intelligent and friendly, cheerful and admired, but can be impatient. The Sheep – are known to be passionate, creative, elegant, charming, honest, warmhearted but pessimistic, timid, disorganized and vulnerable. The Monkey – they are known to be entertaining, imaginative, clever, intelligent but also dangerous and easily disheartened.

The Rooster- they are hardworking, courageous, shrewd, arrogant, selfish, intelligent, attentive and eccentric. They can be reckless. The Pig – are honest, reliable, sincere, impulsive, shy, affectionate, kind, tolerant and short tempered.

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