Inspired Intelligence and stronger inner feel of a person is considered as an advantage in attracting a Capricorn. One another way to attract a Capricorn is to be very formal and authoritative. One person has to be in control rather then opening up too soon, because Capricorn get very attracted by these attributes. It is always felt that attracting Capricorn’s is difficult because they are very serious and introvert. One person needs old guard values to share Capricorn’s functional, stable and traditional lifestyle. Normally they don’t prefer to display the affection and they like people who can help and support them genuinely in their personal and professional life.

Capricorn’s usually give more importance to money and possessions. To attract a Capricorn one needs to talk about business and financial matters. As they get attracted towards such issues and would be willing to spend lots of their personal time in discussing such issues. One cannot exclusively rely on physical attraction to attract them. To catch the attention of Capricorn one has to avoid misconceptions. Your body language and dry humour form the basis for attracting a Capricorn.

A man born under this sun sign love to be needed and they don’t want woman who is fiercely independent. The men born in between December 22nd and January 19th give first preference for their career and financial position. A woman who can support him in his career is sure to attract him. Once a Capricorn man falls in love with a woman it will be forever as they don’t turn up to break relationships. Their love will be for lifetime and they ensure it happens.

To attract a Capricorn woman, she needs to be showered with endless love and attention. She should made feel that she is the centre of your world and other things follow after that. To attract a Capricorn woman one needs to be trustworthy and should be able to take care of her tender heart. Making her feel jealous or playing games with her will not attract her. The Capricorn woman needs a real man who loves and adores her as she is. Generally Capricorn woman build a fence around her and maintain distance from others. To attract such a woman, a man has to create some secrecy and thrill that can make her come out of her own fence slowly. As Capricorn are reserved and very cautious about their move, a good sense of humor in you can attract them towards you Showy person can never attract a Capricorn. They want real genuine person who loves them and have care for them. To attract a Capricorn one has to be loyal and patient and should be ready to give full attention to them. Capricorn’s expect a lot from a relationship, as he is loyal, faithful, dependable and trustworthy to the partner. It takes time for a Capricorn to get attracted but once he or she gets attracted and falls in love, then this relationship is for the lifetime. Capricorn are generally devoted towards relationship.

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