Aries being the first sun sign of the zodiac cartwheel is ruled by the fire element. People born under this sun sign are fiery, full of energy and love power and control. They are very attractive and intelligent. Aries men are famous as flirts and egoists.

They hate taking orders from their partners. So what do you do when Aries has two women in his life? If an Aries man has two women in his life, it may be because of his insecurities. Aries men love attention and when they feel that their partner isn’t giving them the attention they deserve, they try to look for it in other places. An Aries man will blame you for his behaviour. He will never accept that he has chosen the path of infidelity because of himself. Jealousy is a very common factor in Aries men. They are extremely possessive and are very scared of rejection. When an Aries man has two women it is only because of the current status of your relationship. If he feels neglected, you need to reassure that you love him. Aries men often have a child like conception about love and romance.

They get very angry if you talk to them about the dark side of love. Aries men love to take up new challenges. If any woman comes as a challenge to him, he will become obsessed with her till he wins her over. This trait of an Aries man is the worst because till you are a challenge for him, He’ll be crazy about you and after he gets you he won’t seem to want you. This ‘adventurous’ attitude in them is often the answer to why the Aries man has two women. An Aries man will get bored very easily and so his partner constantly needs to spice up their relationship. A relation with an Aries man is very exciting, passionate and romantic and on the other side it is very demanding, tiring and fearsome. When you fall in love with an Aries guy make sure that you be open about your feelings.

He won’t like it if you mask out your feelings towards him. Insecurity, jealousy and his restlessness can be the main reason when an Aries man has two women. There will be times when you confront him and rather than apologizing he’ll walk out on you. Later he will make you feel guilty about it and put all the blame on you. For an Aries man the adage ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’ suits perfectly. He might even cheat on you if you don’t do as per his wishes. Aries love to exert their control and will always try to dominate you. His impulsiveness and short temper can tamper a relation. When in a relation with an Aries man you have to be the ‘giver’. If he is sure about your feelings then he will love you immensely and make your relationship better with each passing day.

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