If your guy is paying more attention to television and his work, does it mean that he is “not into you” any longer? The answer to this is no. Men have a very unique way of expressing themselves. Many men feel that they must have their finances in order to be able to take care of their loved ones. If they are not, a man’s mind tends to drift. Why do men focus so much on money? The economy today is effecting men’s attitude towards love and what they truly want to get out of their day to day lives. It is never easy to speak with a man that has his own agenda. Many men fail to tell someone what is really going on in their mind. It is important to use your “girl” power to win over his heart.

The energy around a relationship is extremely unique for every person. Most men feel that they want to give more, but don’t know how. Women seem to be a lot more sensitive towards love and often direct men on how to love properly. We need powerful women in the world today to get men back in a loving condition. It often takes time and commitment to win someone’s heart over. You have to be willing to go through changes in order to see a new foundation in where you are headed in life. Life is a journey that so few people fully understand. If you truly want to win your man’s heart again, here are a few suggestions.

Get him to commit to a dinner date. Dinner dates allow him to focus on you and his day. Tell him that you want to be able to talk to him about what he is going through and experiencing. Believe it or not, you may have to sit through an hour of him speaking about his work day and the boring crap those goes along with it. However, once his mind is free, he can focus more on you. Many women forget that a man’s mind works differently than a woman’s. This goes vice versa. In order to understand a man’s mind, you must sit with a guy and ask him how he feels. Learn how to listen and talk less. This helps a man to see that you are caring and loving. You can easily win his heart by just following a few simple steps. For starters, if he seems like he is bored with what you are talking about, he usually is. Stop talking and find out what he is thinking. If he wants to talk about something else, let him lead the way. As you begin to do this, you will see his mind opening up more to you. If you don’t, you need to listen even more. Men have a hard time listening for the most part. Most men just want to get the task done. Most men grow impatient for different reasons. You can take the lead by showing him that you are going to lead the way behind the scenes.

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