There are thirteen constellations in the zodiac and cancer is one of them. Cancer is a Latin name which means crab. In Sanskrit, an old Indian language, karkata and karka is the name given for Cancer. The stars in cancer are faint while cancer constellation itself is small. The cancer constellation resembles the spokes of a wheel with a star in the centre being the midpoint from where the lines branch out to the brightly shining stars of the constellation. Cancer is surrounded by Gemini which lies to the west of Cancer while in the east is Leo, to the north is the Lynx with Hydra and Canis Minor in the South.

The cancer constellation has many distinct features notable among them being that 55 Cancri is a planetary system having one terrestrial planet and four gas giants. The stargazers find Cancer very interesting as it has an intriguing open cluster named as the Gate of Men or the Beehive Cluster, or the Messier 44. The Beehive cluster which is a group of bright stars appears in the center of the cancer constellation. The group of stars shines at 3.10 magnitude and is away from the earth by 577 light years. Another Messier object-the Messier 67 which is dense and smaller can also be seen here. It lies closer to the Alpha Cancri, shining at magnitude 6.7. This cluster is made up of hundreds of stars and is as old as four billion years.

The Beta Cancri also known by the name Altarf is the star of the Cancer constellation with the brightest dazzle having a magnitude of 3.53. Beta Cancri is orange in color and stands out in the south west part of the Cancer constellation. Its distance from earth is roughly about 290 light years.

Gamma and Delta Cancri are the two stars that lie close to the cancer constellation center. Delta cancri or Asellus Australis is the second bright star shining at 3.94 magnitudes and at a distance of 136 light years from the earth. Gamma Cancri or AsellusBorealis, having 4.6 magnitudes is away from the earth by 158 light years.

Another star of the Cancer constellation is the Alpha Cancri also known as Acubens. It has a magnitude of 4.26 which doesn’t match the brightness of the Beta Cancri. The Alpha Cancri is found in the south east part of the Cancer constellation, about 173 light years from the earth.

Iota Cancri has a magnitude of 4.03 and thus is slightly brighter compared to Alpha Cancri. It lies in the northern part of the Cancer constellation and is about 298 light years from the earth.

According to Greek mythology Cancer the crab was sent by Hera, the goddess, who disliked Hercules, to distract Hercules engaged in a battle with Hydra -the many headed monster. Cancer the crab bravely grabbed Hercules’ toe but was crushed by his foot. Hera accorded a place of honor in the sky for cancer the crab in return for its heroic effort.

Who is Cancer?

Are you are in love and do you want to spend a lot of time with your partner and romance with him/her? You may have your own doubts if you can always depend on a horoscope reading to chase away all your uncertainties and fears in your love life. Many websites offer free horoscope reading and these are truthful and exact, as they are written by well experienced astrologers. These horoscopes are written on the basis of your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. A unique horoscope chart or a birth chart, as it is often called, is made for you .Every person has a specific astrology profile where you can see the various planetary positions at the time of your birth. The astrologers make predictions by means of this birth chart. Special horoscopes are assigned to each zodiac sign like, love horoscopes of Cancer sign, Virgo, Aries and so on.

If you or your partner is a Cancer zodiac sign, then you will be interested in reading the weekly or daily predictions of love horoscopes cancer. Many interesting facts about the cancer zodiac sign is revealed in these sites and you will be benefited in one way or the other. You can discover all the fascinating facts about the cancer personality and their romantic personality .Cancer love horoscopes provide ample information regarding the personal traits of a Cancerian and how they are at work, at love and so on. Cancers are the most sensitive and emotional of the all twelve zodiac signs. They are a calm water sign and are sensitive and as a lover, they have tender and deep feelings of love.

Love horoscopes Cancer varies for a Cancer man and a Cancer woman. A cancer woman is sensitive, timid, and is very receptive to those she loves. She opens her heart giving her partner complete affection and generous love to enhance her relationship. However a cancer woman is believed to have a childish irritation and sometimes engage in emotional blackmail to satisfy her emotional needs. If the relationship fulfills her she gives back with utmost sincerity, care, affection and passion. At times the cancer woman tends to be possessive and jealous. The cancer woman tend to marry vary young and are home-loving.

The cancer man is simple, firm and faithful so he will become a wonderful husband and father. However, they may be at times enigmatic and too complicated to understand. Love horoscopes cancer predicts that the cancer man is mentally feminine, and this trait makes him a good father and a family man. The cancer men pick up childish petty quarrels in a relationship, but, that does not mean he is fickle and unfaithful.

The cancer men and women are ideal partners if they feel that they are loved, and astrologers suggest they may be the only sign who can get along with everyone. A cancer partner is extremely sensitive to the world outside and constantly needs reassurance to abandon their fears about love. The best partners for this sign are Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Cancer Man

Horoscopes in love with cancer man is exclusively for people born under the sun sign Cancer. The zodiac sign of Cancer man is crab, which is very sensitive by nature, caring for his family and romantic too. The cancer man, who is gentler in handling things, takes the role of mother to his partner and family. He is a loving father to his children, a wonderful husband to his partner. A Cancer man is more depressed, if his partner tends to be more independent or bossy. If he does not choose his right pair, then life tends to be full of anxiety for the most sentimental cancer man.

Horoscopes in love with cancer man help the person with this sign to look for the perfect life partner. Though these men go well with all signs, but they gel well with Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. These men before getting in to a relationship would be better if they look for partners who are more compatible to their sign. Or else the life would be a hell for the typical cancer man who loves to dedicate half of his time and affection for the well being of his family. If he finds his right partner de is more dedicated and faithful to her. His motherly love and care to his pair may sometime lead to over possessiveness, which may lead to friction in relationship. When he feels dejected or in a somber mood, he expects his partner to cajole him and soothe him with caring words or he may get in to his nut shell, wanting to be left alone.

Horoscopes in love with Cancer man are sought by these people for various facets of life, like marriage, job, education and financial security. As these horoscopes reveal everything about his past, present and future, he will get a good insight about his present love life, or future relationship .The cancer men have an artistic inclination, and an ideal gift for him would be a trip to cinema or his favorite restaurant. He also likes perfumes, deodorants or a good collection of music CD’s. A cancer man is more comfortable with women born under Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces. Relationship tends to be smooth for a cancer man if he chooses girls with these sun signs. If his family life is not organized or if he lacks true love from his pair, he often feels miserable and likes to go on his own.

Horoscopes in love with cancer man help the cancer man to choose his right job. Men under this sun sign are more creative. They like to work as a team giving the same warmth and care to those working under him. This sign is dominated by moon, which sometimes becomes too gentle and he wants the same care from his partner. Cancer man once he finds his fellow mate prefers to settle down in relationship as that makes him more secured Cancer is definitely a reliable sun sign for women who like to be loved to the core.

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