What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is a spiritual entity that is alive in a metaphysical form.  We cannot see our spirit guides.  However, they often make their presence known to those that call upon them for help.  Many people wonder if spirit guides are real or if associating with them is evil.  The Catholic church is probably one of the most well-known religious institutions for using spirit guides.  If you look on the Catholic website at the Vatican, you will find a list of Saints that the Catholic church approves of.  The Catholic church believes that you can pray and ask a Saint to pray for you and to bring forth miracles into your life.  They often say that a Saint can bring a miracle into your life if they choose to do so. Saints like Mary the mother of Jesus, Padre Pio, Saint Peter, Saint Michael are all said to bring miracles.  When we pray to these Saints, it is said that they can communicate with us through miracles.

Selling religious saint statues, candles and other religious material is a multibillion dollar industry.  You will often find people praying to spirit guides for answers. People often have one main God such as Jesus Christ and then have helpers like spirit guides to help people along the way.  Millions of people flock to Saint tombs every single year with the belief that they are going to get help form a spirit guide.

Santa Muerte is another popular spirit guide in Mexico.  The sales of religious statues are in the millions of dollars.  Many people pray to this spirit and believe that she can produce miracles for them in wealth, health, spirituality, love and much more.  It all depends on what your prayer is to this Saint.

John of God Allows Spirit Guides to Enter Him to Perform Health Miracles

A man by the name of “John of God” is perhaps one of the most famous faith healers in Brazil.  People flock to him from all over he world.  He claims that he allows around 30+ spirit beings to enter his body at one time.  He says that these beings are doctors from the ancient world and use his body to help heal the sick that flock to Brazil every single year to meet John of God.

John of God insists that everyone wears white.  Thousands of people claim to have received a healing from John of God.  It is a known fact that a newscaster went to Brazil to witness the healing’s of John of God. This man was an atheist.  He shot his work on camera.  You can see him on Youtube.com.  This newscaster began bleeding from his stomach for no apparent reason after visiting John of God.  The newscaster has now changed his personal beliefs in spirit guides from skeptic to believer.

When a miracle takes place through a spirit guide, its hard to imagine not believing in them.  After all, what more proof do you need then one that is scientifically proved to you.

Faith Healer Benny Hinn Believes Jesus Works Through Him to Produce Miracles

If you have ever been to a Benny Hinn crusade, you may be shocked to learn that many people get up out of wheel chairs and claim to have been healed.  Many of Benny Hinn’s followers believe that Jesus uses him to heal people.  You will often notice Benny Hinn saying, “Take this”. When he says these words, he lifts his hands and throws a spirit ball at someone.  A spirit ball him using his hands and simulating himself throwing something at someone.  He will say, “Take it again.”  Sometimes, people will fall over or feel the presence of God in the room.  Benny Hinn claims that Jesus Christ is the force behind his healings and that he is only a vessel that God works through.

The Pope Has Special Powers to Heal

Each day, people flock to see the Vatican and the Pope.  Many men and women believe that if you touch the pope, you will receive a healing. You will often find men and women kissing the ring of the pope or bowing to him.  They want to show him that he is more superior to them.

Animal Spirit Guides

Native Americans have a tradition in which they choose an animal spirit guide.  These spirit guides are said to bring protection and love to a person.  The native American may take on a name such as “Running Bull” or “Little Sparrow”.  These traditions have been practiced for centuries.  You don’t have to be a Native American to have an animal spirit guide.  It all depends on your personal beliefs.  It is said that these animal spirit guides unite you with “mother earth” and nature.

It is said that anyone can have a spirit guide.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female.  To find your animal spirit guide, you only must look at your birthdate.  A specific animal represents each month.

Animal spirit guides include:

  • Bear
  • Buffalo
  • Butterfly
  • Coyote
  • Crow
  • Eagle
  • Fox
  • Horse
  • Owl
  • Raven
  • Snake
  • Turtle
  • Wolf

Attracting Spirit Guides Through Candle Lighting

In the psychic community, you will often find psychics lighting candles for a spirit guide to come through.  Sometimes a séance is conducted around fire to attract spirit guides into the prayer circle.  Other times, a simple candle is lit to materialize the energy of the spirit guide.  Many people believe that if you light a candle to a spirit guide, they will come through and produce miracles for you.

As you can see, different faiths practice the belief in spirit guides differently.  Spirit guides do exist because these traditions have been practiced for centuries. It is not always easy to find your spirit guide.  However, once you do, you will feel the power behind them.

My Own Experiences with Spirit Guides

I have had an experience of my own with a spirit guide named Saint Gerard Majella. I would often light a candle to him to ask him to help me to find my path to Jesus and to God the father.  I felt him touching my life and helping me on numerous occasions.

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