How Do I Get a Psychic Reading?

You can get a live psychic reading by clicking on the call/chat now button. Please register for an account first. The cost is $4.99 per minute.

Do You Offer a FREE Psychic Reading?

We offer 3 FREE minutes with Psychic Angelic using coupon code: Angelic37. Click here to sign up for an account.

How Much Money Does a Psychic Reading Cost?

The cost of a psychic reading with Angelic is $4.99 per minute.

When is Psychic Angelic Available?

Psychic Angelic works many different hours depending on his clients needs and when they are available. He is usually on between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. eastern standard time.  You can use the arrange a call feature if he is not available when you want to speak to him. When he becomes available, he will connect with you instantly. 

How Do I Pay for The Psychic Reading?

In order to pay for your psychic reading, please log into your account and add funds. You can add funds while you are on the call live as well. 

What Kind of Psychic Readings Do Your Give?

Psychic Angelic gives clairvoyant psychic readings.

When Can I Get Started?

Get started quickly by registering for an account by clicking on the call/chat now button.

How Can I Get an In Person Psychic Reading?

We currently don’t offer in person readings.

How Are Payments Processed?

We process your payment through the Click4Advisor billing system.  

Do You Offer Refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds at this time.

Do I Need to Have a Click4Advisor Account to Use This Service?

Yes. If you want to have a psychic reading with Angelic, registration is necessary.  Each transaction is made through the Click4Advisor billing system.